Plaid Perfection, 3 ways to style a plaid coat

By Jasmine Mousavi | Ads Disclosure | 23/10/2019 14:57
how to style a plaid coat

We've been seeing the plaid coat everywhere this fall, but the question is, how to style a plaid coat? Lucky for us we've been seeing the chic checked pattern trendy women's coats everywhere on our social media feeds and Fashion Week Streetstyle. The plaid pattern revival is real and we're very much here for it. I've done some looking around (aka, saved a bunch of looks on Instagram) and found three looks for the plaid coat that are a fool-proof way to make it work. 

How to Style a Plaid Coat?

  • Keep the look simple
  • Leather + Plaid = a winning team
  • Match the colours of the check with the colours of your other clothing pieces
  • Don't be afraid to think outside of the box with some good old mixing and matching! 

1. Comfy Casual In Plaid

If you're all about creating comfort-first looks, with a little bit of tomboy simple then this is the look for you. Start with a pair of wide-leg cargo pants, chinos or jeans which gives anything you style it with a chic boyish look. Greenish, brown cargo pants will work particularly well with a check print in a similar colour, whilst blue jeans will look good with greyish plaid prints. Add in a long-sleeve shirt, steal your boyfriends or check out the range of menswear to find your own and add in some laidback sneakers. Now for the chic cherry on top to stay in the realm of masculine but a little more grown-up, throw over a double-breasted plaid coat. 

2. Let's Get Plaid To Business

Now for the boss ladies out there (aren't we all?) plaid is perfect for when you're rushing between meetings or when you're looking to turn heads when you walk into the office. Plaid has a classic appeal but will stand out more than a plain suit or blazer which is why it's great to go for a wool plaid blazer for transitional dressing between seasons. This look may say "Yes, I have my own office and an assistant" but it works great for when you're having lunch with girls between meetings or heading off for dinner after work. A turtleneck under a plaid coat gives it a classic appeal while leather trousers give the smart look a subtle, edgy twist. Add some leather ankle boots and delicate gold jewellery you're done! 

3. Plaidful 

What's more playful than mixing and matching different prints? Ok, maybe there are more playful things to do, but this sure is one of the most fashion-forward and elegant ones. We saw Plaid and check prints being mixed first while looking at Fashion Week Streetstyle Trends to Copy, and haven't been over this classy way to really stand out. The premise is simple, match your plaid print with another print, this could be another check print or a floral or striped print. Choose one item to contrast with, either a jumper, shirt, pants, scarf or bag and keep the rest subdued and simple.  

Bonus Look: How to Style a Plaid Coat

Ok, I realize this last look isn't an easy one to imagine and the options are truly endless so I've added some bonus looks! All you need is to think a little outside of the box, but here's another idea to get you in the right direction. 

Bonus Look: Contrast your Scarf with Your Coat

A fun and relatively easy way to mix and match check prints are by playing around with a check scarf or coloured to find quirky combinations. If you're still wondering how to style a plaid coat, all it takes is a little bit of guts to make it playful and colour matching for a chic, classic look. 

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