Can you wear jeans on a night out? Yes!

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 31/10/2019 09:07
Can you wear jeans on a night out? Yes!

Ain’t no party like a party worth getting dressed up for - but can you wear jeans on a night out? Our answer is yes. Big yes. Club outfits with jeans will give you some serious, “I’m on the List” vibes, whether you’re the type to go all out or like to keep your look looking low-effort.

First Things First: Pick the Right Jeans

Start off with the right pair of jeans, stick to them and you’ll make your decision making after so much easier (let’s face it, you’re always running late on Friday nights just because you can’t decide on what to wear). Picking the right jeans will define your look, are you going for something sexy, an outfit that will let you stand out or something more casual? It’s all in the jeans!


  • Black Skinny Jeans - a sexy staple that goes with anything 
  • Light Wash Mom Jeans - on-trend, casual yet cool feel
  • Dark Wash Flared Jeans - feminine and flirty and easy to dress up 
  • Classic Straight - for when you hate feeling like you’re too dressed up
  • Greyish Washed Black jeans - chic Rock & Roll Vibe 

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Less is More - partying doesn’t always mean sequins 

Sometimes we just want to look amazing without looking like we made an effort and for some of us, sequins are the last thing we would wear, party or not.  But you don’t need sparkles to shine and no, I’m not sorry for that cringy Pinterest Quote. Basic Tees, tank tops and blouses make for great going out tops. For me, a simple body tank with vintage-looking blue jeans and big hoop earrings always works or a basic crop top with skinny high rise jeans.

You could keep things subtle and add some minimal gold jewelry or let the accessories do all the talking with statement-making necklaces, rings or earrings. Dress up the look with a pair of comfy heels or trainers or pumps if that’s more your thing, whatever makes you feel more like a dancing queen.


Find A Going-out-out Top to match

What are you wearing tonight?
Oh, just jeans and a nice top. 

Sounds like a familiar Friday eve WhatsApp exchange doesn’t it? Well, if it is you’re also probably very familiar with pulling out every single top you own just to realize that simple outfit formula isn’t so simple after all. My tip? Get at least one killer going-out top that is so good it will make any jeans party-ready. These tops will always be by your side and if you’re a club regular, I’d suggest to get one of each and mix things up. 

  • A sheer long sleeve top with a cute bralette under always works
  • An early 2000s vibe sequin top
  • A simple ribbed tank top with a sexy low back surprise
  • An Off-shoulder body for a sleek retro feel 
  • The strappy, sexy Silk Top with a cowl neck

Give them someting to talk about 

You might not remember any of the texts you sent your crush at 3 am, but you’ll surely be remembered in this outfit. Just like you don’t have to be super dressed up to go to a club, jeans don’t have to mean your outfit is casual either. The magic of jeans and the reason we love them so much is exactly for that reason, you can dress it up or down and adjust the look to whatever is more suitable for your style. 

If you’re in the mood to turn some heads, there are plenty of club outfits with jean outfits for you to try. All eyes on you if you’re teaming your denim with a super low cut top, lace bodice or a chainmail top that will make you feel like a glittery goddess (or basically, Mariah Carey). 

Yes showing off some serious amounts of skin and slipping into sleek heels can be very sexy, but it’s not the only way to stand out. Tucking in a cool graphic T-shirt into your high waisted jeans or pairing it with an ultra-cool crop top can say “All Eyes On Me” just as much. Join the neon trend and go for a bright-than-bright pink, green or yellow to literally pop out on the dancefloor. Or find a T-shirt with a cool graphic print or sentence on it, no need to pick up lines if your Tee does all the talking.


Hopefully, your Getting Ready Playlist is on full blast and you're feeling relaxed about your look because your burning question was answered. Can you wear jeans on a night out? Yes, yes and yes! Slip into your comfiest, chicest pair and get ready to Dance All. Night. Long. 

Love AnnabelAnnabel van Eijk

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