5 Fashion Tips for men we can learn from Streetstyle

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 20/02/2020 15:56

Streetstyle is a gift to us all. For us women, it has long been a tool to inspire (or plain copy-paste ) our outfits and give us hope that one day, we too will look like we belong right in that photogenic fashion crowd. But more and more we're seeing stylish men at fashion week stealing the show, and I thought it was time to give them the credit they deserved, to give you the fashion tips for men that you deserve. I dove right into all those juicy street style looks and thought of a few style lessons to help you switch things up a little in this new, glorious year. 

5 Fashion Tips for men we can learn from Streetstyle-6824

5 Fashion Tips For Men

Don't be afraid of the Clash

No, I don't mean the band I mean prints! Checks, Stripes or even florals - if you've got more than one print lying around in your closet try to mix and match for maximum style-god effect. Ok, so maybe don't pull every print out of your closet and throw it on, it does need a little bit of thought. If you're already wearing two very distinct, bright colours then there's no need to add in prints as well. Go for a more subtle colour scheme like this guy above and throw in one bold print to add a strong accent to your look. 

5 Fashion Tips for men we can learn from Streetstyle-6824

There's no such thing as overdressed

Ah, a man in a suit... what can I say? It's a criminally underused tactic to stand out from the crowd, without looking like you're even trying. One of the most distinctive fashion tips for men we can learn from street style is that there is no such thing as overdressed. Imagine rocking up to a dinner date in a suit, how it will make you feel. Now imagine wearing a scruffy long sleeve T-Shirt and jeans...You're always better off looking like you've made more of an effort than none and actually it doesn't take much to look like you care. A few tailored pieces will go a long way and even streetwear-inspired looks can feel tidy and accomplished but still ultra-cool when bought right. Moreover, look at how rock & roll this guy looks in a suit? Don't think we need much more proof than that. 

5 Fashion Tips for men we can learn from Streetstyle-6824

Bag (like many things) Shouldn't be gendered

Unless you've been living under a rock, you may have noticed that the lines between genders are blurring. You don't have to go to the extreme and live off the women's section of your favourite shop (unless you want to of course) but there are a few items that I think are natural crossovers, even if you don't have a very experimental style. Women have taken over the sharp suit, the streetwear hoodie, the branded beanies and much more; giving it our own spin. You can do the same with items that once were "typically feminine", like shoulder bags. We've seen men wearing tote bags (hello, welcome to the world of endless space for your things) but more noticeably; leather designer bags are worn cross-body. Like a fanny pack, but so, so much more sophisticated. Let this inspire you to have a little try for yourself and pick something out of the "female wardrobe" you think suits your style. 

5 Fashion Tips for men we can learn from Streetstyle-6824

Streetwear is about bold moves, not brands 

Name dropping has never really been very stylish especially when it's all over your outfit. With streetwear on the rise, we've seen every other guy sporting a logo beanie, logo bag, logo hoodie, logo this logo that and it's about time we let all that go, even just a little bit. There's no harm in a logo here in there, but it's important to remember that real, fashion-forward streetwear is not about showing the world you know what brands are cool right now, but showing that you can make bold moves. That you dare to do things differently. Men's fashion weeks have proven that it is those men that have cut themselves loose from what everyone else is doing, that are the most fashion-forward ones. So layer up, be weird, go for that super fun shirt, mix and match and let out your inner fashion freak. 

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