How we use fashion to feel good

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 12/02/2020 17:56
Cómo la moda nos hace sentirnos bien

Everyone has that one clothing piece or accessory that makes them look in the mirror and say - I love me! When you look good and feel good in your outfits you will have body confidence radiating off you giving that happy self-assured glow we all crave. 

Now, finding that perfect piece isn't always easy, but when you know, you know. It fits like a glove and right when you put it on you feel like you can conquer the world. Maybe something popped into your mind while reading that, but if not, don't fear! Your perfect item is waiting for you and once you find it you will never look back.

I spoke with four fashion experts to find out what clothing piece or accessory they feel the best in. Find out what gives these icons body confidence through fashion and how they maintain it through life. 

Pendientes atrevidos para sentirnos bien en nuestros looks

Fearless Earrings


What Is Your Item?
Big, bold earrings.
Why Do You Feel best in it?
Ok, I don't have any real scientific proof, but I truly believe big earrings have transformative power. Like a secret weapon that is not really secret at all, I use these bad boys to give my outfits pizzazz. It's my little way of feeling like I've made a fearless fashion choice and since I'm often perceived as a soft-spoken somewhat shy person, I feel like they give me more of a confident attitude; like I can take on the world. If I wake up less fearless and more like I would have rather snoozed for another 5 hours, I'll put on a t-shirt and jeans look in the mirror and think "meh". But then I see a pair of big, colourful compliment-inviting earrings, put them on and my mood is instantly lifted. Told you, transformative powers.
Your number one tip for feeling confident in your clothing
Find your own not-so-secret weapon and make it your thing. There's no harm in repeating something you know works. It could be a pair of earrings, maybe a powerful blazer or a little trick with a scarf in your hair, if you figure out what makes you feel confident just keep on doing it, don't think "ok, that was fun, back to feeling crappy again!"

Moda atemporal: Chaquetas vaqueras

A Timeless Staple


What Is Your Item?
A classic denim jacket
Why Do You Feel best in it?
I've had this denim jacket for a few years now and it always has my back. I love the classic Rock & Roll style and the wash is super easy to pair with other items in my wardrobe. The fit is just right: a bit nonchalant and oversized but not too much. I can wear it wherever I go, whether I'm heading to a club or go for lunch or to the office. It will never go out of style and it makes me feel good because it's stylish but still laidback. It really does tick all the boxes,  so I can wear it more often and feel good doing so pretty much every day.

Your number one tip for feeling confident in your clothing

I would say, the key is to find a timeless item that fits your style, makes you feel comfortable and flatters you. Since it's timeless you won't have to replace it or forget about it once the trends change. Invest in something that is good quality and make sure you really do love the fit and style. Once you have that wardrobe staple you can easily create a stunning outfit around something classic like a denim jacket.

Jerséis llamativos para tus looks diarios

Bubbly Jumper


What Is Your Item?

My vibrant pink jumper.

Why Do You Feel best in it?

I always tend to wear black, grey or dark blue during winter but this season I wanted to bring more colours into my daily looks. When I saw this jumper and put it on I immediately felt good in it. The colour is bright and warm at the same time - so even if I'm not feeling 100% some days, it's like the sweater is compensating the missing part of me. Plus, whenever I wear this jumper I receive so many compliments! Ultimately, this clothing piece has become a source of confidence for me because it not only makes my outfit look better but also improves my mood.

Your number one tip for feeling confident in your clothing

My tip for being confident in your clothing is to wear items in which you feel 100% comfortable and that fits your personality. It can take time to figure out your personal style and what fits your body best but step by step you will build a wardrobe that contains those essential pieces that allow you to own your style.
Of course, we all get influenced by trends but my other tip would be that it's important to never fully follow the trends but get inspired and adapt them to what makes you feel good. 

Chaquetas clásicas para siempre

Armoured Jacket 


What Is Your Item?

I’m wearing a tweed overcoat from Arket.

Why Do You Feel best in it?

Fashion has always been there for me. I was a bit overweight when I was growing up and I acknowledge that I wasn’t necessarily leading a healthy lifestyle with my overeating and refusal of exercising. I loved wearing coats and jackets because they were the shield I would use to hide my body. Over time, with the help of a healthier lifestyle and reconsideration of what fashion really meant for me, I realized that coats were not a shield I should hide behind but armour that made my fashion statement stronger and, consequently, my persona too. The coat is the final layer to an outfit and it’s important that the fit complements your look and figure and elevates your outfit rather than demeaning the value of your style. Life is a challenge and you’re a warrior, so you better wear your best armour.

Your number one tip for feeling confident in your clothing

Know your fit before anything else. A lot of men neglect that measurements can make or break a look. Once you know what’s a good fit for you, then you can start experimenting with styles and trends. You’ll know as soon as you look at yourself in the mirror that what you’re wearing looks great, and you know how? Look at that smile on your face!

Now it's up to you to go out and find your perfect piece of clothing that gives you body confidence! Use the advice given by the fashion experts and you are well on your way. 

Love SamanthaSamantha Hinterbrandner

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