Father's Day gift ideas for the stylish dads

By Sandra Ozarin | Ads Disclosure | 08/06/2022 13:42
Father's Day gift ideas for the stylish dads
Treat your dad to the perfect gift according to their style - let us inspire you with some Father's Day gift ideas!

It doesn’t matter if it’s his first or thirtieth Father’s Day, make sure you find a gift to make your dad happy!

We can imagine that at this point you have run out of ideas and have probably gifted your dad all the socks and ties that you could find. Well, you have stumbled upon the same question you ask yourself every year: what do I get for my dad for Father’s Day? We hope that this list comes in handy and you can find some inspiration for the best gift while avoiding last minute surprises.

For the modern fathers

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a gift for your dad, your husband, a friend or just yourself. If you consider any father figure in your life to be cool and up to date with fashion, you can turn them into trendsetters with these pieces! We love anything from the brand Ami and Arket has also really cool and edgy pieces.

Father's Day gift ideas for the stylish dads
Turn your dad into a trendsetter with these Father Day's gift ideas for modern dads.

For the fancy fathers

When we think about fancy fathers we imagine those who use small leather goods, a nice belt and always smell like expensive perfume. We definitely recommend looking for a new neat wallet, we love Bottega Veneta and Tom Ford. If you want to spice up his outfits even more, what about a hat?

For the fathers who love adventures

Okay, we get it, looking for gifts for dads who love exploring can be a bigger challenge than usual because they normally look for experiences rather than objects, but hey, who can say no to a new puffer for the cold mornings in the mountains? Or a new pair of sport shoes for a hike with the family?

Father's Day gift ideas for the stylish dads
If your dad is an adventure lover, get him some comfy clothes for your next outdoor activity together!

For the fathers who love sports

If your dad is one who can’t stay still then it’s time for you to upgrade his workout wear and get him excited to look good at the gym. You can choose a pair of Nike trainers, some shorts or a Reebok hoodie. For golfer dads we highly suggest going for a polo shirt.

For the fathers in suits

Either if your father loves wearing a suit or he just has to wear one for the office, if you’re thinking of going all out this year then getting him a new suit will be your time to shine (and maybe be elected as his new favourite child). For timeless styles we recommend HUGO BOSS but if you’re looking for something more modern we suggest checking out Dolce & Gabbana.

Father's Day gift ideas for the stylish dads
Go all out this year and get your dad something real fancy for Father's Day!
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