Festival outfit tips & tricks

By Sandra Ozarin | Ads Disclosure | 24/06/2022 10:00
Festival outfit tips & tricks
Festival season is here! Check out our recommendations for the perfect festival outfits.

The festival season is about to start, and perhaps you already have the festival tickets in your possession. Are you already excited?! Hopefully you'll get some good weather this year, so you can enjoy dancing and chilling out.

We have been checking out the pictures of partying and fashionable people at the Coachella festival. So we're already getting the festival feeling here in the Fashiola offices. If you do not know what you're going to wear to a festival this year, then make sure to take into account our suggestions. Perfect to get you in the mood!

Now the festival outfit - what on earth are you going to wear? Here's some festival fashion trends to help:

Festival outfit tips & tricks
If you need some inspiration here are some staples that you can wear for all types of festivals.

Wide Leg Trousers

Wide leg trousers have always been perfect for festivals. The combination of boho and all things fringed gives off just the right festival vibe. Now you have wide trousers in bright colours and prints. Floral print trousers are also very trendy. Very seventies and perfect for your festival look! Super cute with an off the shoulder top!


This flowy 'jacket' is the perfect garment for your festival look. Silk kimonos are very boho and looks super cool, but also cool with a bodycon dress or rock outfit, we love Nasty Gal's kimono designs. And it is convenient for layering.

Bodycon dresses

We saw lots of Bodycon items when we were researching festival garments. It is an easy but comfortable idea that will hug your curves and will keep you feeling breezy and looking cool. Check out the collection from PRETTYLITTLETHING.

Rock on with Dr. Martens

The rock chicks among us will love this look. Denim shorts, Dr. Martens, leather jackets and a dose of studs! Dr. Martens are indeed perfect footwear for a festival. Especially if it is quite muddy.

Tips and Tricks to have a well prepared festival outfit:

  • Check the weather before you leave. Is there a chance of a little rain in the afternoon or evening? How many degrees is it? And how much does it cool down in the evening? It's always good to prepare yourself and your festival outfit for all weather conditions!
  • No heels policy. This probably seems like a silly point. But we still sometimes see people in heels. It's really not smart! So keep them at home and choose your most comfortable shoes that may get dirty. So leave your shiny white Adidas and Nike trainers at home as well. Our tip: Converse All Stars. Preferably in a dark colour. They are comfy, can get dirty - but can also be easily cleaned - simply throw them in the washing machine when you get back home! Plus they match well with many festival outfits. Or go for the good-old wellies! Yes, there are so many wellington boots available in super cool colours. So if you are a Hunters fan, you get to stay dry and clean and look trendy at the same time.
  • When it comes to bags, then we often see rucksacks or small shoulder bags at the festival scene. A backpack is ideal if you want to take some extra clothes with you, but there is a high probability that you will take unnecesary things with you. Think about the weight, as you do not want shoulder pain. Another tip: put your wallet at the very bottom of your backpack to prevent theft! Or use the lockers available. Otherwise you a small shoulder bag with just your festival essentials: sunglasses, small wallet, your everyday makeup and your mobile!

Have we forgotten something? Let us know in the comments! Did you already have your outfit ready? Hopefully this article has helped give you a bit of inspiration!

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