Sustainable Fashion Brands you should invest in!

By Marjolein Moes | Ads Disclosure | 21/04/2022 15:54
Here are 5 Sustainable Fashion Brands you should invest in!
Sustainable fashion opts for recycled materials and long lasting high quality clothing pieces.

We have selected a few sustainable brands that are worth investing in for high quality and long lasting pieces. If you are conscious about reducing your footprint impact, then we are sure you'll fall in love with these eco-friendly brands!

Sustainability in fashion is becoming more and more important in a world that focuses on making greener choices for our planet. Luckily, we see this trend expanding in the fashion industry, with fashion brands becoming sustainable, and consumers willing to invest in more eco-friendly clothing, shoes and accessories

However, it can be a hard task sometimes for consumers to find fashion that focuses on sustainability and a better future for us and planet Earth. That is why we at Fashiola have made a selection of our choices for sustainable brands that are worth your investment for a better


This Scandinavian fashion brand, Ganni, is determined to be more than just a way of dressing, they’re fully committed to making better choices to minimise their environmental impact. They have recently started a new action to reduce their green-house gas by 50% in the next few years. We absolutely love their accessories and cute t-shirts, and this outfit put together by Emili Sindlev is to die for!



The core idea for Acne Studios is to create desirable items that customers will wear over and over again and to make products that they can be proud of for their durability and quality, hence being sustainable throughout their supply chain is a main value. Acne Studios scarves and coats have become a staple in many fashionistas around the world like Susie Bubble - what are you waiting for?



Keeping sustainability at the forefront of all their activities, Reformation is a US women’s fashion brand that celebrates all women’s shapes. From beautiful eco-buttery dresses to delicate blouses, they prioritise the most beautiful and sustainable fabric options. According to Reformation ‘’being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2’’.


Patagonia is at the heart of the sustainability clothing market, being considered a world leader in eco-friendly fashion awareness. Mainly famous for their outerwear clothing and is considered as one of the first brands to focus on recycled and virgin materials. Patagonia believes that for a climate-conscious world we need to create and maintain a sustainable fashion industry.


One of the main issues that fast-fashion has brought is overproduction and at ALOHAS they are aware of this. They use an on-demand system and local production in Spain to counteract this issue and reduce the carbon footprint. They source from beautifully made boots to colourful sandals - and we are obsessed with all their styles!


Back in 2007, Timberland developed the Original Earthkeepers® boots with a goal of creating the most responsible product they’d ever made. Today, they apply all they’ve learned about responsible material usage and production practices to everything they make. Each piece in this collection is made from sustainably sourced materials wherever possible – like recycled rubber, eco-conscious leather and organic cottonso you can feel good about what you wear, and look great too.


& Other Stories

With creativity and inspiration at their heart, & Other Stories approaches every part of the brand with a sustainable mindset – sustainability touches both people and planet. Their ambition is to create lovable circular fashion of premium quality clothing that lasts beyond the season. On this journey, they are constantly looking for ways to improve. One of their most important goals is to use 100% sustainably sourced or recycled materials by 2030.



FARFETCH mission is to become the global platform in Luxury Fashion. Their conscious collection is part of that mission, where they offer champion designers and products that truly embrace sustainability. From established brands like Ganni and Stella McCartney to the emerging labels at the forefront of a new conscious approach. Shop them all on FARFETCH



COS is working on fashion for the future by redefining your expectations of the modern wardrobe, with collections rooted in quality, longevity and a sustainable design approach. Today, over 92% of their collection is made from more sustainably sourced materials and they’re on their way to 100%. Better looks beyond…



At VERO MODA they created their collection AWARE to be their flagship for sustainability. Built around the scandi-cool style, it is for women who want to be on-trend while also making sure the clothes they buy are more sustainable. Their aim is to reduce natural resources: water, energy and chemicals by choosing more sustainable materials in the supply chain.


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