You've been wearing your belts wrong all this time

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 24/02/2020 16:48

Ok, ok it's not wrong to use a belt for what it's made for (holding up your trousers) but it's so, so right to wear it as a little fashion centrepiece. The belt is much more than just a handy fashion tool. No longer is it just a strip of leather (quality or not), nor is it a preview of our fashion taste with gold monogram Gucci Logos. The belt has reached bag status when it comes to accessories and nowadays, comes in a plethora of styles. Studded, branded, wide, thin, brown, purple, big buckles, vintage, streetwear-inspired: there are too many types of belts to count. So with all those different styles, what a waste it would be to just tuck them in the loops of your jeans and hide them under your chunky knits. No, these belts deserve to be seen and more than that, they’re actually pretty useful that way. 

These answers to the question "how to wear a belt" is an easy way to refresh your go-to look, all you need is said look and a belt and you’ve avoided your third outfit repeat this week. I dove into some street style and found a few looks that work as templates for us to copy. Let’s see what all the fuss is about shall we?

You've been wearing your belts wrong all this time

How to wear belts (the fun way)

1. Style your belt with your Jumpsuit

If you don’t already own a jumpsuit you can just grab out of your closet and know you’ll feel great all day, then I highly suggest you find one. If you do have one of these jumpsuits then you might have a reached a point where yes, it always works but it’s also always the same thing. A simple belt will change all that. Whether you’ve got a nonchalant boiler suit, a retro denim jumpsuit, a sexy sleeveless going out jumpsuit or a summery playsuit: adding a belt works like a magic wand. I love how the look above uses the belt to make the jumpsuit look a little more flattering and feminine since the jumpsuit itself would have otherwise been a bit boxy.

You've been wearing your belts wrong all this time

2. Style Your belt with your trousers

If you thought belts were just lazy Christmas gifts for your father than think again, they can be a real feminine addition to your look. Adding a waist belt accentuates your curves and more importantly; just makes a plain top and trousers look fabulous. Go for a bold wide belt that has that 70s feel, featuring a  large buckle and cinch it around your waist at the height of your belly button. Find a colour or print that contrasts with your outfit, this zebra print belt is turning the whole thing into a glamorous retro ensemble.

You've been wearing your belts wrong all this time

3. Style your belt with your blazer

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been wearing your go-to blazer like there’s no tomorrow. Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to switch it up a little then adding a belt is the way to go. This look works best with oversized, structured blazers and preferably even double-breasted for that retro working-girl touch. Style the blazer and belt combo over a floaty floral skirt or a minimal black midi skirt to create a chic mismatch of styles. This also works perfectly to elevate your go-to jeans or rework your tailored suit.

You've been wearing your belts wrong all this time

4. Belt Your Dress

Yes, you may have noticed already – no clothing item is safe from the transformative work of the belt and neither is the dress. Rework the silhouette of your beachy, dreamy maxi dress by cinching a belt around the waist to switch up the proportions. You can do this with any type of belt, but I’d say to make sure it’s in a contrasting colour to the colour and print of your dress, this will have far more of an impact to your look.  

You've been wearing your belts wrong all this time

5. Wrap it around your coat or jacket

If you’d like a little break from that oversized, baggy feel over your coat then you can easily use a belt to fasten it around the waist for a slightly more figure-hugging effect. A classic peacoat gets that feminine, belted wrap coat feel by just belting it with a separate belt. A boxy teddy coat turns into a style statement when paired with a bold, wide belt to show that your waist exists somewhere under all that fluffiness. This also works great with trench coats and even better when you’re totally on-trend with a belt bag.

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Now that we've covered how to wear a belt the fun way, its time to do a little shopping... It's always a good idea to invest in a high-quality leather belt, go for a minimal design or splurge a little on one of your favourite luxury brands with a monogrammed buckle. 

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Whether it's a bold colour, a bit of bling or a fun print; let your belt do all the talking as the centrepiece of your outfit. 


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