How to wear thigh-high boots? 4 chic outfits.

By Julie Espinosa | Ads Disclosure | 12/12/2019 15:15
How to wear thigh-high boots? 4 chic outfits.-6764

Ah, the thigh-high boots, the shoe that has sparked the imagination of many, now including the fashion crowd. First reserved for soldiers, they took their first steps into the female wardrobe around the 1930s and evolved over the years to become the type of shoe we fantasize about.

Fetishism, erotism, punk… you’d think these boots have a bit of rep for looking a little tacky but I can assure you quite the opposite is the case. If chosen well and matched with the right fashion items, you’ll receive instant fashion icon status. But with high rewards comes a little bit of hard work. So how to wear thigh-high boots? I’m here to help you navigate through the world of thigh-high boots for different occasions.


Make it Roar

Give in to this wild look and slip on a pair of faux snake print or croc-embossed leather boots. Animal leather prints are perhaps the most popular prints of this season and we love its classic, sophisticated appeal. Play with prints and textures but stick to a black, brown and beige colour scheme for serious sophistication. A leather mini or midi skirt always works with high boots, throw over a trenchcoat and no one, absolutely no one, is getting in your way that day. 

Strong personality? Ambitious and determined? This bold look is for you.

Go Nude ( no not that way)

It’s no secret we’re obsessed with this look, you might have caught our obsession in the beige-on-beige outfits blog. Since there are plenty of chic beige knee-high boots out there, you’ll easily nail this outfit once you have the boots! Go for everything nude from creamy whites to mocha and light brown - from jackets to your accessories and the rest of your outfit. With a cosy teddy coat and cashmere winter accessories, you’ll be picture perfect for any winter wonderland escapades.

Make It Office Appropriate

Are thigh-high boots work appropriate? Wearing thigh-high boots to work is perhaps the biggest challenge of all and yet, I’m saying “challenge accepted.” Ok yes, wearing these boots at work is a risk, you could look a bit too sexy for your professional meetings. So to play it safe just follow this outfit formula and you’re good to go. 

The miracle solution? Avoid anything mini, mini skirts or dresses with boots gives a seductive vibe which is great for the evening but not so great for the office. Instead, opt for more elegant lengths with midi skirts and dresses, you’ll always be safe with a chic black dress. To break up the sultrier side of the boots match it with flowier and loose garments like an oversized shirt or flowy dress. Go for boots that have a thicker low to mid-heel instead of stiletto and throw over a blazer and subtle jewellery to finish the look.


Be oh-so casual about it

Play it cool with this everyday look and let the boots do all the talking. Keep things simple and team the boots with your favourite basics. Boots over classic skinny jeans are always a great option for when you want to look casual with a hint of sexy. A stylish knitted jumper that’s a little oversized is perfect to break the tightness of the jeans and boots and make it all a bit more chill. Keep the rest simple with accessorising and stick to the classics.


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