Inspiration for an Ibiza party outfit!

By Sandra Ozarin | Ads Disclosure | 28/07/2022 12:42
Inspiration for an Ibiza party outfit!
Ibiza allows you to play with your style up and down, dress freely and try out the bohemian style of the island!

So is anyone going to Ibiza this summer?  If so, then you are probably going to need a couple of party outfits or not? Ibiza means carefree and elevated bohemian style, if this description catches your eye then this fashionable destination is for you!

Inspiration for an Ibiza party outfit

So whether you are going out clubbing at Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Privilege or chilling out at Cafe Del Mar or Cafe Mambo. Or even going on a crazy boat party, you always need a good party outfit. So today we have made a stylebook of some inspiration of a party look that we think is perfect for a night out on the town in Ibiza. It's going to be hot and you have to look even hotter! We do think that ASOS is your best bet for finding perfect club outfit.

Ibiza is such a great place to go out. Relax, chill and sunbathe in the day and then hit the town in the night. You could go for the drink 10 tequilas and get a free t-shirt in San Antonio or you could go for the more trendy clubs that have some of the best DJ's in the world. Either way, you want to look hot! So here's some ideas for you. 

White maxi dress

We love a white maxi dress in cotton or linen since it does not only go perfectly along with the vibe of the island but also is very breezy because the temperatures get really high during the day! Also we love this option for going from a boat party to a beach club. 

Bohemian style

Ibiza embodies this style with their bohemian lifestyle. Dresses, tunics, jumpsuits, are some of the preferred pieces from the islanders and they wear them from day to night with just some extra accessories. Get ready to dress like a local!


If you are looking for the perfect bohemian outfit for a party and you want to elevate it then add a kimono for the perfect last touch! Even with shorts you can make it look party appropriate. There are so many patterns to choose from and you'll fall in love with them! 

Boho accessories

If you prefer simpler outfits when you go out for maximum comfort then you can just add a few accessories to make your look shine brighter than the sun in Ibiza! There are a lot of small markets there where you can find bohemian jewelry and bags so make space in your suitcase!

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