Let’s make a toast to the best wedding guest dresses

By Sandra Ozarin | Ads Disclosure | 28/06/2022 14:01
Let’s make a toast to the best wedding guest dresses
There is the perfect wedding guest dress for all body types - let us help you find it!

We want to help you find the perfect wedding guest dress, besides the trends, it is always important to show your personality through it and feel like the best version of yourself to shine through the crowd. Let's get ready to celebrate love!

We’re ready to celebrate love with friends and family, and that means that it’s time to find a new cocktail dress - which may be the best part of it all! Sometimes it can be dreadful to find a dress that fits the occasion, enhances your body, is comfortable but makes you feel special at the same time… that’s a lot to unpack, am I right ladies? 

We know that the perfect wedding guest dress is not always just to take amazing pictures in, it helps showing your personality through it and can make you stand out (in the right way) in a room full of people wearing beautiful clothes. 

There is a cocktail dress for every wedding and every type of body, here is some inspiration, you’re just a just a click away from finding the perfect wedding guest dress!

A silk dress for an elegant look

Nothing screams elegance and class like silk does. Normally they have a slip silhouette that enhances your curves and allows you to add accessories. We think these Reformation dresses will make the perfect wedding guest dress for any occasion.

A midi dress for a modest dress code

If the wedding requests a more modest way of dressing then a midi dress is your best bet. Pairing a Ted Baker midi dress with some beautiful heels will make you feel magical and whimsical, ready to impress everyone!

A floral print dress for the love enthusiastic

Although some might think that this pattern is reserved for the little ring bearer girl, floral dresses just represent love blossoming and are meant to be worn at all ages. Zimmermann has some beautiful options in many shapes and styles.

Let’s make a toast to the best wedding guest dresses
Besides the beautiful dress, a wedding is all about having fun and feeling comfortable while you do so.

A flowy dress for a destination wedding

If the occasion is a destination wedding (oh we’re dreaming of a beautiful coastal town in Italy), flowy dresses are a magnificent option. We are obsessed with Anthropologie dresses for these events. Keep in mind that it can’t be white because you don’t want to outshine the bride!

A lace dress to celebrate romance

A material like lace represents romance and delicacy. Check out Self-Portrait if you are looking for a dress with intricate patterns or fine details, these will for sure help you make your way through the wedding to the party time.

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