Get Ready: 8 Must Buys on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Get Ready: 10 Cyber Weekend Must Buys

The countdown to Black Friday and Cyber Monday has officially begun and I can’t be the only one who is freaking out a tiny bit...  Discounts and deals on the internet are all fun and games until it becomes a little too much and you don’t even know where to begin. So many deals, so little time! “Should I get that Gucci belt? Or maybe that totally impractical mini bag I’m seeing everywhere on Instagram? Or wait, look at that pretty summer dress I won’t be able to wear till next summer!” Sounds familiar? Well, this year you’re doing things differently. I’m here to get you prepared for this whirlwind of deals.

Cyber Monday has a little bit of a bad rep of reckless shopping behaviour, but if you do it right, there’s nothing reckless about it. Have a good look into your closet and think about what you truly need. I’d suggest to treat yourself to quality essentials from brands that are usually a little out of your reach price-wise. Besides treating yourself, Cyber Monday is also a great moment to get all those Christmas presents out of the way!

For Women

What To Buy During Cyber Monday? 


There are jeans and then there are I’m-never-taking-these-off-ever-again-jeans. You know the ones; you can’t stop looking at how good your bum looks when you walk past mirrors, they’re not too tight around the waist, they don’t stretch out to 5x your size and you just feel good wearing them. These kind of jeans are usually on the pricier side, so it’s a good idea to get them while they’re discounted. If you have a pair that you’ve totally worn down, look for the same one and order it online during these crazy sale days. Or order two, because once you found that perfect pair of jeans nothing else will do right? 

Festive Dresses

The year truly did fly by, I mean how are we already in October? Before you know it, it’s holiday season and you have zero time left to get the perfect festive look. I’d say, avoid the last-minute panic and get your festive dress while they’re discounted. 

For a little bit of a fashion moment, we’re loving the big sleeves trends that are spreading like wildfire. The more puff the better. But don’t hesitate to go for the classic silk, sequins and velvet for a classic dressed-up feel to dazzle at all those festivities.


A good pair of boots is more than worth the investment. Classic Chelsea Boots, high boots, chunky lace-up boots and pointy heeled boots; you may not need all them (want is another thing) but getting at least one that lasts is totally worth it.

Go for a pair you can see yourself wearing in at least two years, not just a pair you think look pretty cool right now. They should be almost as comfortable as wearing trainers and easy to combine in your wardrobe, so I’d suggest a classic brown or black leather. For something a little more on-trend yet still long-lasting, have a look at the croc-print boots around. We’ve seen them everywhere in the street style around Fashion Week.

Designer Bags

If you ever needed an excuse to spend your savings on a designer bag, then this is it. What better time to get that classic bag you’ve had your eye on than when they’re discounted? We all have that bag in mind when it comes to bag goals, don't we? I’m not saying spend all your savings this year but I’m also not, not saying that…

Ok, in all seriousness, you could have a look at those iconic bags like the Hermes Birkin Bag or Dior Saddle bag, but a designer bag can be a little more affordable as well. We love Coach, Marc Jacobs, A.P.C and Staud for stylish, on-trend designer bags.


If you still haven’t found that perfect coat or you’ve had your eye on that designer coat you just instantly fell in love with, then this is the time to get your hands on that warm snuggle winter material. Check out the guide I wrote for trendy women’s coats, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with at least one of them.

Get Ready: 10 Cyber Weekend 2019 Must Buys

For The Guys

What Should I buy on Cyber Monday? 


Is there even such a thing as too many trainers for you guys? As far as I’m told or can see, there isn’t… So it seems to me like there is no reason not to treat yourself to another pair this Cyber Monday. If there’s a pair (or three) you have your eye on, make a note of it and look for this pair on Fashiola, if there’s a deal out there on these trainers, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.


By now, you guys are pretty aware of how fun and stylish accessorising your outfit can be. With streetwear, a wave of brand new style came to life, with bucket hats and bum bags becoming menswear staples. If you’ve been meaning to cop all the coolest brands, now is your time; make sure to check out all the in-the-moment brands like Stussy, Patagonia and OFF-WHITE.

If you’re looking for high-quality accessories that last, it’s not a bad idea to splurge a little during this time as you’ll be saving money with all the deals! Look for warm cashmere winter accessories like scarfs and beanies, subtle and stylish men’s jewellery and classic men’s leather bags.


There is no such thing as too much denim. This ubiquitous fabric truly stands the test of time, which is why it’s worth it to spend a little more dough on denim. From denim shirts to denim jackets and jeans – the blues have proven to be a mainstay season after season.

So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all those deals, buying a quality denim piece is always a good idea. Keep your eye out for stylish denim brands like A.PC and Acne as well as heritage brands like Levi’s and Wrangler.

I hope I’ve taken away a little bit of that Black Friday and Cyber Monday stress. On Fashiola you’ll find all the trends and essentials you’re looking for from different shops and brands all in one place. Just make a wishlist and when Cyberweekend arrives head back to wishlist and check what’s on sale, pretty sweet hack if you’d ask me! Besides that, we’ll be sharing lots and I do mean LOTS of discounts and deals with you. So stay posted, sign up to our newsletter and let the discount games begin.

Love - Hanna- Hanna -

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