Say Farewell to boring outfits with these Statement Earrings

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 24/01/2020 10:17

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I disagree - it's all about the statement earrings. Any look and I do really mean any look, will get an instant makeover with just a pair of these bad boys. A plain white shirt and jeans outfit, a boilersuit you've worn every week this month, a go-to sleek black dress for fancy date nights, a bodysuit for parties: you name the outfit that needs a little refresh and these earrings will do their magic. 

In my opinion, the more drama the better (tbh pretty much how I live my life as well) as this will leave the biggest mark on your outfit. Go for bold, bright and blinding colours to demand attention and bring you and your outfit back to life. I've also spotted all our favourite street style starlets wearing long chandelier-like or waterfall earrings in silver with diamonds or crystals hanging all the way down to your shoulders. I guess diamonds are a girl's best friend after all... Besides these two styles, you'll find plenty of quirky clip-on's, drop earrings in colourful blends, abstract shapes and more subtle shapes. I've selected a few favourites on Fashiola for you to shop here, so scroll down and find a pair (or three) you love. Getting dressed in the morning will never be the same again. 

Warning: people who don't understand fashion (or gravity) WILL ask you if your earrings aren't too heavy... At least 3 times a day. But it's a sacrifice you must make. Now let's continue you brave, bold women. 

Say farewell to boring outfits with these Statement Earrings

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Bring Out The Bling

These earrings aren't fooling around. We're talking serious bling from iconic luxury brands like Dior and Oscar de la Renta, as well as more niche and Avant-garde jewellery brands like Rosantica and Wouters & Hendrix. You'll feel so, so glamourous in all this gorgeous bling. 

Bye-bye to boring outfits with these Statement Earrings

Quirky glam worth a giggle 

One of the best things about wearing statement earrings is that it's super fun. Like how men get their quirky cufflinks, we can get a little giggle in there with our jewellery as well. It doesn't have to be super cooky, but subtle winks and hints will do the trick with these stylish earrings. 

Not Your Average Hoop 

A good pair of hoop earrings will come a long way as your favourite jewellery piece, but these switch things up and turn it into more of a subtle statement. Abstract shapes, beads, little fun details and colours make a big difference here! 

Say farewell to boring outfits with these Statement Earrings

Big On Colour

If you're out of your fun outfit-making groove: big statement earrings with colour is the cure. Lots of colour! You could go for dangling earrings that use 2 or more colours in abstract shapes, one blinding bright pair of hoops or teardrop earrings in vibrant hues. 

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